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2nd August 2014

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15th April 2014


Venting 101

Two years it’s almost been two full years and I can’t seem to bring myself to let your dumb ass go, I can stop talking to you and it still wouldn’t work nothing is ever going to work but no you don’t understand that because you got to move on you got to not love me anymore hell you don’t even like me anymore but your excuse is because you’re “broken” or that’s what you say but you see that’s what I don’t understand don’t tell me you care and that you still feel guilty for cheating on me 3x and breaking me down to the lowest of the low when you have no feelings for me what’s so ever how can you care? I just don’t fucking get it ! Help me understand please help me understand it’s driving me insane I swear it’s driving me crazy but you dont even see you don’t see what you’re doing to me you don’t see what you’ve done to me but how can you not see? How can you not hear the pain in my voice feel the pain coursing through my body like this venting doesn’t even help because you won’t see it and even if you do see it even if you happened to come across it, it wouldn’t change a thing everything would still be the same nothing is ever going to change I’ll never be good enough for you and for that I’m sorry.

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25th January 2014


Just letting it out one last time

well, lets see here. i was in a relationship and it wasnt easy we had our good times and our bad times, i mean with me being 18 and him being 17 going on 18 i guess it was too much to say i wanted to marry that kid but thats how i felt at 1st. its crazy how everything is always good at 1st and you cant imagine it any other way then bam you never want that again and you are resentful for doing it in the 1st place i dont regret him i dont regret what we had at all because you live and you learn and at one point he was everything i wanted,he taught me alot of things as a person he showed me who i was from a different point of view and he also taught me to not trust so easily and to not be so gullible but the only reason i was like that with him was because i felt comfortable but i gues i got comfortable a little to soon lol. im not hurt about it i mean i still am a little bit just because im not fully over him yet but me and him are still friends and we are better off as friends than anything else. Words were said feelings were hurt hearts were broken regrets were thrown out in the open love happened maybe some love lost but like i always say and ill always stick to it everything happens for a reason

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6th October 2011

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6th October 2011

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18th September 2011

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18th September 2011

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16th September 2011

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16th September 2011

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16th September 2011

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16th September 2011

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16th September 2011

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16th September 2011

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16th September 2011

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16th September 2011

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